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Hello, I’m Ferdinando Caruso, Founder and CEO of Metooo.

Metooo is the project to which, about 3 years ago, I decided to devote all my energy, with the aim of creating a digital system that would help those, like you, organize an event of any kind.

Since then we have come a long way and  the road has been marked, as is natural for a startup, by many steps of development, some have been continuous steps, other real leaps.

What did I want to create with Metooo?
Simple: I wanted to bring online many activities that are traditionally – even today largely still – managed offline, in the organization of events of all kinds. A big challenge, because the market is large and complex, but well known to me. We focused on developing a few, fundamental tools of event management: event website builder, ticketing, promotion by RSVP and storytelling. This is the current online version of Metooo.

I told you about steps and jumps.

In the firsts I can certainly include the constant grow of the platform, mainly based on word of mouth, which today is used by thousand of professional users, coming from 30 countries. The jumps were always disruptive, like when we added Storytelling and 4 apps to help to organizers and guests enjoy Metooo better. Today we are about to jump again: we are about to introduce a whole new framework, which will make the system even more performing, even simpler and more enjoyable to use, even more attractive and competitive. We have worked hard over the last few months to guarantee a result that is able to bring greater value to those who work in the organization, in marketing and in the commercial area of ​​events. We have invested a lot and we made a huge work!

We are confident we will not disappoint any expectations, I am sure.

Metooo Open and Metooo Pro

The “new” Metooo will be available in two versions: OPEN and PRO.

Metooo OPEN is the solution for those who need to speed up the event promotion and ticket sales. It will be a revised version – and improved in many points – of the platform now online, an evolution of it.

Metooo PRO is instead dedicated to those who need a tool to manage not only the promotion and sale of tickets, but need to be able to manage the brand, organize complex events, make efficient the guests welcome and speed up the invoicing. Metooo PRO will also include as many as 10 thousand monthly email invitations, helping send beautiful RSVP.

Pricing Change

The two versions will have a new, clear and always unbeatable pricing.

First of all: when we launched Metooo, three years ago, we adopted a “test” pricing, a symbolic amount of € 0.50 per ticket sold. It had to be a transitory situation, lasting only a few months, but we managed to keep it active until today, and I’m sure someone asked how we could support the costs of research, production, maintenance and service with a pricing so low. Well, we succeeded because for us these three years have been a learning period, and the sustainability of the project has been ensured by the investments collected.

From the end of January we will introduce a new official pricing, based on a percentage of the ticket value sold, and different for the OPEN and PRO versions. An appropriate pricing to ensure the correct operation of Metooo and able to guarantee further, constant developments of the functions offered. Monthly subscriptions will also be available, which ensure greater capacity to promote and send RSVP.

Allow me to reassure you immediately: Metooo will continue to be the platform for the most competitive events ever!

The new pricing:

  • OPEN: 2% of sales (with a limit of € 10 per ticket. For all tickets up to € 25 nothing changes. The fee remains € 0.50. For tickets over € 25 a fee of 2% of the ticket price will be charged.)
  • PRO: 3% of sales (with a limit of € 12 per ticket) + € 10 monthly subscription.

The introduction of the new pricing will be simple, and no action is required on your part.

If you have ongoing events, the current pricing will continue to apply to all paid tickets sold, and it will automatically update at the new pricing starting from the first event published after January 29, 2018.
All users will be upgraded to the OPEN version, which does not include any fixed or entry costs. Also from 29 January 2018 it will be possible to subscribe a PRO subscription.

If you need further information, or want to know more about the new pricing and new PRO subscription plans, we are at your disposal with the current communication channels.

If you have suggestions, comments, or if you just want to discuss the new direction adopted by Metooo, write me and I will be happy to give you all the answers you want ☺

I do not deny that I am enthusiastic about what we have produced, and I look forward to receiving your feedback.

Thanks for the trust placed so far, my commitment is to make it grow even more.
Good luck for your events!


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