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Make Jessica Rabbit’s Iconic Dress Yours (Or Almost), With TheTake

Jessica Rabbit

How many times, while watching your favorite flick, you’ve suddenly spaced out and all you could think about was the dress, the sunglasses or the shoes its characters were sporting?

I know you’ve probably imagined to possess at least three quarters of Dawson’s wardrobe while watching Dawson’s Creek, in that wonderful timeframe also known as the late ’90s. Well, apparently, had Dawson’s Creek been a movie and had it been produced nowadays, you could have actually rocked one of the sweaters you saw on the show, the way “The Dawson” did.

Thanks to TheTake, a new app designed by Tyler Cooper, Vincent Crossley and Jared Browarnik, a trio of Columbia’s alumni, you won’t need to Google and hope to find out where you can get that special item, because the app will take care of it. The three entrepreneurs promise you will be absolutely addicted to their product. Cooper’s inspiration came directly from the 2010’s Video Music Awards. He was dying to get his hands on West’s suit, he figured that since many others might have probably shared the same sudden desire, why not create something for the purpose of getting that suit as soon as possible?

So how does this exactly work? TheTake acts just like Shazam does: when it’s running on your phone, it automatically recognizes scenes from the movie you’re viewing, as long as the movie is included in its index, and it immediately shows where the items advertised in the movie itself can be purchased. Voila, now you can buy those amazing “thingy-thingies” straight from your smart phone. The app also provides you with a list of similar items at a cheaper price, in case you can’t afford those “Oscar winning styles.” Basically, TheTake makes dreams a little bit more affordable for everybody and you will never even have to leave your couch.

TheTake’s index of movies is currently featuring 100 titles, all recent hits. With 10 new titles added every week, though, eventually, the database is going to include blasts from the past and, according to Tyler Cooper, also TV shows and music.

What about movie locations? TheTake also includes a database of locations where movies have been filmed, because, sometimes, you feel the incredible urge to have brunch and dinner while sitting on the same chairs previously warmed up by your favorite actors. It’s now time to leave your couch and go for a walk in The Village, hint: I am talking about New York.

Could TheTake become the next “everything included” application for movie, music and TV shows lovers? I guess it depends on whether it will be able to be flexible enough to satisfy its users or not. That’s something that not everybody has proven to be capable of doing, when it came to online shopping.

EBay, a name universally familiar, proposed, in fact, a similar app in 2011, when it launched “Watch With EBay.” This tool was able to associate products in movies and TV shows with merchandise already present on the website. EBay promised that anything remotely desirable on your TV screen could surely be found on…EBay, but the app quickly lost its appeal when it wasn’t actually able to provide everything it had promised to deliver. Not to mention, the tool was designed exclusively for Ipads, restricting, this way, its possible users to the category of Ipad users.

You probably won’t actually be able to get Jessica Rabbit’s iconic dress any time soon (or ever), but the fact TheTake is being currently supplied with information directly by movie studios, who release their catalogues even before the movie is out, sounds promising, doesn’t it?

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